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Programming primer

How to start?

Implementation of the method “The programming primer”

1. INTRODUCTION 1 and 2 period

Duration : Two periods (2 x 45 minutes)

The lesson may begin with a conversation about computers.

Instructions for the teacher:

In this moment the children do not know much about computers, but their imagination is very active. Therefore after a discussion about what they know and what they have at home some creative activities can be introduced.

  • Encourage them to draw or describe (in written form) a computer, not necessarily the same as they have seen somewhere, but eventually such one, they would like to have now or once, when they will be grown up.
  • The best drawings and texts may be exposed somewhere in class.
  • Such a beginning activate the student, and stimulate those which are good in some specialty.
  • At the end of all lessons students will get an idea how a computer relay works. Therefore they have to do a toy.

The material for building the toy they have to bring to next lessons:

- 9 empty matchboxes of same size,
- felt pens in colors,
- a handful of beens (about 50),
- glue and two paper A4.


Next link ( Mema) is pointing to instructions for 3. and 4. period. There you can see how to make a toy together with your students, and why Mema is so useful.

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