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Programming primer


Construction of toy Mema

3 and 4 period

During this lesson the children make their toys, and we shall name them Mema.

It is necessary that every child has:

- 9 matchboxes,
- colored in 9 different colors,
- and sticked together becoming a chest of drawers.

Comment for the teacher

The purpose of Mema is to understand how a computer work. The terms they will encounter are the basic terms of programming, regardless on which computer or which programming language is used.

  • It is desirable for all children to have Memas with same colors of drawers, because if they had different colors some of problems were not possible to solve.
  • This problem appears with real hardware (real computers) and is cold compatibility, and is connected with all problems when some computers are not able to run a program, with is written for a different computer.
  • The main purpose of Mema is the help in understanding how the variables behave in main computer memory during a program is running.
  • During this lesson the teacher should avoid definitions of terms. The terms may be mentioned by the way and repeated when needed.
  • The goal is to adopt the terms through understanding the function of them, not through learning by hearth.

Assignment: To make a MEMA (picture 1)


Picture 1. The toy named Mema

During this lesson the children make their Memas.

This is done so, that they stick together the matchboxes and color the drawers (all Memas in same colors).

Side face of Mema may be wrapped with paper and decorated by drawings.

Comment : Children need for next lesson their Mema and a handful of beens.

During making Memas, the teacher gives the instructions for making Memas, and may mention the terms like hardware, memory, compatibility…


Click on link INPUT and read instructions for next lesson. (Periods 5. and 6.)

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